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Strengthening the Transverse Abdominals with Various Workouts

The transverse abdominals are hidden muscles within the area of the abdomen, and many people often forget to include these muscles into their exercise routine.  Many types of workouts tend to focus on other parts of the abdomen, and often neglect the transverse abdominals.  Even the popular exercises like crunches are not tuned in towards working these muscles.  In reality, these are the most vital muscles to target especially when you are looking to lose fat on the abdominal area.  That being said, you might want to try some of the exercises below as these workouts are designed to target the transverse muscles.

One of the exercises targeting the transverse abdominals is called the pelvic tilts.  Lie down flat on the ground, and place a mat on your back to support your spine.  Then, lift up your knees in bended position while keeping your sole touching the ground.  Lift up your pelvis and hold the position for a few moments before getting back to the original position.  Do this repeatedly in order to target the transverse abdominals effectively.  Make sure that you maintain the right posture when doing this workout; otherwise you won’t be able to target the transverse muscles as much as you want.

The crunchless crunch is another type of exercise that targets the transverse abdominals.  Even though it might look simple, you’ll find that it’s not as simple as you might think.  The main intention here is to pull the centre of your stomach so that it becomes as if pulled towards the spine.  This type of transverse abdominals workout can be quite tricky to perform because you are actually using the muscles that might have never been used at all.  In a lying down or kneeling position, you have to relax your transverse abdominals muscles and then use the lower muscles of the abdomen to pull the centre of your stomach towards your spine.  The longer you can hold on in this position, the better it becomes.

The Scissor Kicks is the next type of workout created to target the transverse abdominals.  This workout also involves a lying down position.  When you have lied down flat on the ground, place both hands beneath your buttocks.  Make sure that your back is pressing hard on the floor.  Then, lift up a leg for about ten inches from the ground and stay in that position for a few seconds before reverting to the former position.  Do the same thing with the other leg, and keep changing from one leg to the other until your transverse abdominals feel stretched enough.

You can actually find various other workouts that are able to target the transverse muscles.  However, the three workouts mentioned above are more than enough for you to do especially when you are just starting your abdominal muscle building regime.  These workouts are safe for everyone.  As a matter of fact, you can always perform the transverse abdominals workouts when you are in the state of pregnancy or after giving birth.


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